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Why living in Palm Acres is different

In Palm Acres we have put together the best resources we have to create an unparalleled experience for you. You have got four villa types to choose from, namely – Palm Zaffre, Palm Emerald, Palm Aqua and Palm Azure. Here are specifications of each.

Palm Zaffre: Plam Zaffre connotes hues of blues that is dark and yet, bright. It is a spirited color that denotes energy and positivity. It has got four bedrooms - one in the ground floor and three in the first floor build on an area of approximately 4860 sqft. There are two garages and a backyard garden to complete the villa. Large fenestration allows the inside is well aired while the dining and living spaces are strategically built to overlook the verdant green expanse.

Palm Emerald: Palm Emerald is built on 4000 sqft area with 4 bedrooms (one at the ground floor and three at the top floor). Each room has large windows and terrace to allow maximum daylight. The terrace for the east facing panel of villas is covered and that of the west facing ones’ are open. Each villa is complete with a backyard garden overlooked from the dining hall.

Palm Aqua: Total build-up area for Palm Aqua is 3480 sft. The four bedrooms are well appointed to receive maximum amount of daylight. The large fenestrations ensure that the indoor is well aired and ventilated. The open sitting space overlooks the verdant surrounding and the central park.

Palm Azure: The quaint and expansive villas of Palm Azure are perfected for families. The four bedroom are well spaced with one at the ground floor and three at the top floor. The master bedroom has an open terrace overlooking the beautiful landscape around. There is an open sitting space at the front.


Living in Palm Acres is more than just owning a villa. It’s about adopting a lifestyle that is healthy, energetic and rejuvenating. Palm Acres is all about creating a piece of heaven amidst all the humdrum of city life. It is about building a home where you would love to return to your loved ones after tiring, long days. Live close to nature while you enjoy all the modern amenities you can dream of.

Palm Acres offers independent, expansive villas within a gated community. The villas are strategically built around an expanse of green called the ‘central park’. The aesthetically appointed landscape offers a visual pleasure to the dwellers.

Each villa is two-storied and has four bedrooms, a strategically designed living and dining space, an open sitting space, a backyard garden and a car porch. The artistically designed façade and the interiors exude international appeal to attract modern buyers. Large fenestrations allow ample daylight and clean air to keep the interiors upbeat. And, with the ultramodern security system in place, the area is highly secured.

Proximity to the airport and the city make Palm Acres a highly sought after project. We pride ourselves for understanding our buyers better, and therefore have accommodated modern amenities that our urban dwellers are accustomed to.

Wake up to birdsongs in the morning and retreat to the calm, far from the sounds of the charging traffic at night. We promise, in Palm Acres, you won’t miss living in a city.


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